The Sims 4 Templars and Mages Challenge: Act 1

Create A Sim: 

Create a household containing four mages and four Templars. One mage and one templar will serve as your primary couple, but the rest can be whoever you like. (For the EJS challenge we’re going with a Dragon Age 2 theme, so our star-struck lovers are the elven mage Ellana and Knight-Captain Cullen.)

Move the family into whatever lot you want to serve as your Circle, and build it however you like using unlimited funds. The EJS challenge uses this replica of Kirkwall’s Gallows by stereomisanthropy. 

Choose at least one mage to be a blood mage. This character must be a vampire, with their dark form serving as their abomination form. You may have multiple blood mages if you wish.

One Templar will serve as your Knight-Commander. One Mage will serve as your Grand Enchanter.  For EJS purposes we’re using Knight-Commander Meredith and Grand Enchanter Orsino, but you can use anyone you like.


The Circle you create must have: a chapel with podium and enough seating for all Sims, separate Templar and Mage quarters, a templar training room with workout equipment and Mage classrooms with magic equipment. 


The Mages and Templars Challenge uses deaderpool’s Master Controller Command Center to set auto-woohoo, risky woohoo, add Sims to the household, and expand the household size. If you do not want to use MCCC, create a five-Sim household to allow for mages caught by the Templars. The EJS challenge sets the household size to 15.


Once your Circle is built and your sims are moved in, you will create three clubs. One, the Templar club, is led by the Knight-Commander. It’s approved activities are working out and readingplus whatever else you would like to add. It’s banned activities are being friendly with Mages and being romantic with Mages, plus whatever else you would like to add.

The Mages club is led by the Grand Enchanter. It’s approved activities are using magic equipment and reading. It’s banned activities are being Romantic with Templars. Fill up the remaining slots with whatever you wish.

The third club is Blood Mages. The approved activities are use vampire powers and there are no required banned activities. Fill the remaining slots up with whatever you wish.


Everyone starts their day in chapel, listening to the Knight-Commander give a speech.

Everyone then uses the rest of the day as they will. Start both the Templar and Mage club meetings. They must last at least 2 sim hours.

Templars can leave the lot. Mages cannot, unless you have built a Chantry lot. They may visit the Chantry only.

Once per day, a different Templar leaves the lot to patrol the city. S/He visits at least one other lot in the city and talks to three separate sims, learning what he can about them. If he finds a Sim with the Cheerful or Childish traits, they are mages. Add them to the household by becoming good friends with them, or by using cheats or mods.

When night falls, start the Blood Mage club meeting.

If a Templar sees a Blood Mage in their Dark Form, the blood mage dies. (I use MCCC to do this, but you can just lock them in a doorless room if you like. I’ve yet to find a decent weapon mod for the Sims 4.)


The main goal of the challenge is to get your main couple of a Templar and a Mage married and away from the Gallows.

Act 1 ends when you have successfully:

  1. gotten your main mage to level 10 Logic
  2. gotten your main templar to level 10 Fitness
  3. gotten your main couple together as a couple
  4. had a Templar bring at least 3 mages into the household
  5. had the blood mages convince another blood mage to turn (turned at least 1 vampire)
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