The First Annual Emcademy Awards – Part 1

I’ve already done a post about movies in recent memory, but seeing as the night before last was the most glamorous night of the year (they clearly didn’t see me in the Agent Carter undercover dress at Dragon*Con last year – the more glitter the more glamour, amirite?) I couldn’t stop myself from staging my very own awards show. It’s basically the same thing, except instead of a bunch of crusty old dudes who eat pretension for breakfast giving awards to people in pretty clothes, it’s me, Em, a nerd in stretch leggings, who eats eggs for breakfast like a normal person.

The Academy’s award categories often contain movies I have never heard of or have deliberately chosen not to see, so I’ve adjusted the categories to make everything more accessible and Em-friendly.


Facebook Video I Watched For 30 Minutes Straight


Girl Hugs Her Daddy Doll

About a month into her father's military deployment, this little one found a teddy bear in her toy box with an AMAZING surprise! 😍(via Jukin Media)

Posted by The Happiness Heroes on Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I am not ashamed. She’s a good girl and deserves all the loves.



Photo Most Likely To Make Em Want To Cry Because She Wants To Cosplay It So Bad

LOOK. AT. HER. Lady Sif is <3, and if Thor doesn’t wake up and realize it he’s a bigger space walnut than I thought. #Ishipit

Runners up include ALL of the Agent Carter costumes I’ve done in the past, because at one point or another I’ve looked at them and wanted to cry from how bad I wanted them. BUT the good news is, I made all those dreams come true! Now I’m working on upgraded versions of the ones that mean the most to me, and salivating over a few other projects while I’m at it!



Most Likely To Distract Em From Writing A Blog Post

I considered nominating the miasmic monolith that is all of Pinterest, but that wasn’t very interesting so I went with my favorite place to window shop!

Who has time to write a blog post when there’s a vintage-style space unicorn dress to be ogled? Runner up – Royal Vintage Shoes, the very best vintage shoe supplier.



Most Likely To Put Up With My Junk Emotions Without Flinging Yourself Into The Void To Get Away From Me, You Poetic Noble Land Mermaid

This award goes to my internet bestie and partner in crime Jen, who is both unendingly supportive and possibly masochistic due to the amount of time she has willingly talked me down from occasional bouts of panic on bad days and put up with my overwhelming enthusiasm on good ones.



Em and Jen actual footage.

Also receiving this award is Quiddlesticks, my roommate, who combats my egregious use of the word “sorry” with “I don’t care stop apologizing” and keeps me supplied with that good good life juice, diet ginger ale.



Most Entertaining YouTube Channel To Binge For Eight Hours While You’re Grievously Ill

I have had the honor, this year, of feeling like I had Moon Death Fungus Plague twice.

I usually have a pretty sturdy immune system, but this year stress wreaked havoc on my literal everything. From being told by my doctor that neck tension was literally twisting my spine to contracting a pretty unnecessary and rude set of illnesses, I’ve spent a few more days bedridden than normal.

My immune system might be falling by the wayside, but I am proud to report that I am still able to watch YouTube in bed like a champ. And the show that made being sick suck less the most was…

I am not a very good Minecraft player. I own the game, but mostly I just wander into it and stumble out six hours later without much idea of what happened. But the reality-show format of this series, where the players have a set goal (defeat the Enderdragon!) and permadeath (if you die in the game you’re out!)  make it a joy to watch. Loved seeing this show and am now impatiently waiting each new season.

I started with MineZ Hardcore Season 2. While I was feeling gross I consumed indecent amounts of this show, and you should too.

Plus, when I mentioned that I liked it on Twitter, Austin was kind enough to respond!

A very close runner up was Polygon’s Awful Squad, which I binged during my second bout of Unspeakable Disease, but Minecraft HC beat it out because I’m a sucker for creators who interact with with audiences, especially audiences that are me. So your move, Griffin, Justin, and Russ. Your move.



Most Important Pair of Glasses In The Whole Universe

I don’t think this needs further explanation.



Most Like If Cupcakes Were A Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Griffin and Rachel McElroy, is like eating cake for your ears, except without all the sugar. It’s just two people talking about things they love with the person they love, reminding the rest of the world that good things still exist and it’s all right to take pleasure in little blessings. A+ would recommend. Would recommend if you’re feeling pretty blah about the world, which was definitely me when I stumbled upon the McElroy family of podcasts.



Most Likely To Watch On Netflix If I Can’t Decide What To Watch


The Most Important Show. You can disagree, because you’re allowed to be wrong. But it is still The Most Important Show.



Movie I Watched Like 14 Times In Theaters

Have you ever gone to watch a movie and felt like it was specifically made for you? Like whatever creative energy made up this movie also made up you?

That’s how I felt when I watched The Greatest Showman.

Thanks to my family’s gift of MoviePass for Christmas, I was able to see this movie in theaters multiple times, and if it’s still out at the time of writing this, I’m probably going to see it again this weekend. If you’re a creative, or if you’ve ever felt outcast (i.e. human) this movie will feed your soul.



That concludes The Emcademy Awards – Part 1! If you want Part 2 – stay tuned, because The Awards return tomorrow night!


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