• Cosplay

    Foundation Garments and the Modern Agent

    If there’s one thing we don’t often hear enough about, it’s foundation garments! Not just bras (though those are important!) but dressing like our favorite Agent can leave us confused at what undergarments we should be focusing on when the 1940s had so many weird ones. Having the right silhouette can make such a big difference in the cosplay, but trying to get it can fall flat very easily because the concept of everything you need can be overwhelming! My kit is a mix of accurate-as-possible and modern for comfort and affordability. Here’s a short description of each piece I own, and some alternatives, so that hopefully you get a clear picture of…

  • Entertainment

    Fantastic Agent Carter + Captain America Cosplay Video!

      Ever wanted to see Peggy and Steve finally get their dance? This was shared in the Agent Carter group I’m a part of today, and I knew I had to share it with my readers! The lovely Agent is Lipstick on your Cosplay, and all though I don’t have the names of the four fellows in Captain America cosplay, they’re each one of them brilliant! The video was filmed and produced by J3 Productions , so head on over and like their facebook page if you enjoyed the video! Steve + Peggy are my favorite ship. Have you ever taken any shippy videos or pictures? Show them off at #emmijadecarterweek! 

  • Personal

    The First Annual Emcademy Awards – Part 1

    I’ve already done a post about movies in recent memory, but seeing as the night before last was the most glamorous night of the year (they clearly didn’t see me in the Agent Carter undercover dress at Dragon*Con last year – the more glitter the more glamour, amirite?) I couldn’t stop myself from staging my very own awards show. It’s basically the same thing, except instead of a bunch of crusty old dudes who eat pretension for breakfast giving awards to people in pretty clothes, it’s me, Em, a nerd in stretch leggings, who eats eggs for breakfast like a normal person. The Academy’s award categories often contain movies I have never heard…