Moving, Dolly Parton, and Decluttering Myself

I spent the morning wading through a pile of my possessions so closely resembling the size of the Smoky Mountains that Dolly Parton came to me in a vision and offered me a stack of pancakes and a Ripley’s Believe it or Not t-shirt.

Normally, my room is messy for…unpleasant reasons. It’s a direct reflection of my mental health, and at this point It’s been a mini-disaster for more than half a year, because frankly, between the state of the world and the state of my life personally, I’m pretty sure this year has been set in a dump because I’ve spent most of it feeling like a garbage person.

But this time it’s messy because I’m loading things into boxes and bags to sort them before I move. It’s a super weird feeling my dudes. I haven’t moved in aaaaaaages, and frankly, it’s scarier than anything I’ve done in recent memory, but I’m reaching a sort of zen state about it. It’s a fresh start. A clean slate!

Kind of like all this packing, I’ve got this super-hippy lifestyle organizing planner thing I do every year.  Maybe you’ve heard of it? My success is…mixed (Despite what past me wrote down, I am not looking at a padded bank account or the proud owner of an engagement ring) but this planner has been the mother of my favorite new weekly institution – Spa Tuesday! – and although I’m a little bit late, I’m crossing one of the biggest goals I made last year by moving.

So while I’m decluttering my messy room, I’ll be decluttering my messy brain. The mess in there is less Smokies-sized and more Mt. Fuji sized, so it ought to be an adventure, haha! I got the digital version of the book, so I’m gonna be working through the book on this blog – all posts will be tagged with #ShiningLife2018 – if that’s your jam, strap in! If not, there will be lots of other things to keep you entertained.

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