Fantastic Agent Carter + Captain America Cosplay Video!

this love won't last forever

This i had fun doing. but kinda sad tho. atleast they had their last dance. Get your tissues ready. #sonyph #avengersph #j3productions #mcu #marvelph Lipstick on Your Cosplay Timzster

Posted by J3 Productions on Monday, April 16, 2018


Ever wanted to see Peggy and Steve finally get their dance?

This was shared in the Agent Carter group I’m a part of today, and I knew I had to share it with my readers! The lovely Agent is Lipstick on your Cosplay, and all though I don’t have the names of the four fellows in Captain America cosplay, they’re each one of them brilliant! The video was filmed and produced by J3 Productions , so head on over and like their facebook page if you enjoyed the video!

Steve + Peggy are my favorite ship. Have you ever taken any shippy videos or pictures? Show them off at #emmijadecarterweek! 

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