Em’s Ultimate List of Quarantainment

So I’m furloughed, guys. It’s not glamorous, I have a lot of time on my hands, and I’m consuming just…a ton of YouTube. Like an unhealthy amount. Like you should probably check on me and make sure I haven’t started mumbling “like, comment, and subscribe” in my sleep.

I’ve heard, by way of the grapevine, that some of you might also be in the same ding dang pickle that I’m in vis a vis just…tremendous amounts of free time, so I’ve put together this list of the content that I’ve been bingeing so that you, too, may know the soothing comfort of listening to someone talk about chicken and waffles at Disney World and pretending the world is not on fire.

Commentary/YouTube Documentary

  • Primink – one of my favorite channels currently. Commentary on strange internet drama, weirdly good people, and bonus: this channel loved Joe Exotic before it was cool!
  • The Right Opinion – Long-form commentary on internet current events in a soothing and appropriately sarcastic British overlay. Another one of my top favorites.
  • j aubrey – Another long-form commentary channel, covering internet personalities, entertainers, and more.
  • münecat – A hilarious and insanely well-researched comedy channel by a musician who composes comedic songs at the end of each video. Currently covers a variety of topics, but her most popular videos appear to be her long-form anti-MLM videos on companies like Arbonne and LuLaRoe.
  • Internet Historian – Are you a child of the internet? Would you like to relive some of the internet’s stupidest moments? Neither would we, but the Internet Historian brought them to us anyway. One of the funniest channels on the internet, documenting everything from petty internet drama to that one time Fallout 76 happened to us. 11/10 would recommend.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole – The absolute king of long-form documentary-style content, Down the Rabbit Hole covers everything from the infamous Final Fantasy House to the obscure drama surrounding the Purr Cat Cafe.
  • Atrocity Guide – Her voice is so soothing, and she covers a variety of topics that cross over into the internet mystery category. My favorites here are the The Cult of Andrew Blake and The Fall of Phoenix Jones.


  • The McElroy Family – The brothers McElroy and their father aren’t just producing some of the internet’s funniest content, but they’re making an effort to put out extra content during the quarantine. Listen to Clint McElroy read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in “Stories from your Gaffer”, chill out and discuss all things Disney with Justin, learn how to use a cloth mask with Sydnee, or watch the brothers play Animal Crossing together. Or, if all else fails, you could also revisit Monster Factory: my favorite is The Boy Mayor of Second Life!
  • Brian David Gilbert – Brian’s on this list twice, because I love him. On his personal channel, you can join BDG in his New York apartment by getting good at darts or learning how to make pepcorn.
  • WheezyWaiter – WheezyWaiter is an OG YouTube creator, posting funny videos about his everyday life and attempts to find out why people like things. Watch if you need a dose of positivity!

Gaming and Nerd Stuff

  • Outside XBox -Smart and funny gaming videos from smart and funny people!
  • Unraveled – Brian David Gilbert is at it again, this time as the sometimes-bemoustached professor here to teach us all about video game lore and paper wasting.
  • PeanutButterGamer – Classic video game reviews, hacking videos, and…videos about Arthur the Aardvark? Sign me up. PBG’s positive and uplifting humor is great for escaping quarantine yuck.
  • Camelworks – Camelworks posts in-depth Elder Scrolls lore videos, which I often leave on in the background while I’m working. My favorite are the Elder Scrolls Detective series!
  • SuperCarlinBrothers – The SuperCarlinBrothers are two high-energy, enthusiastic brothers who post regular videos about Harry Potter, Pixar, Star Wars, and more!
  • Chadtronic – Vintage toy reviews, reactions to old 90s media and as-seen-on-TV products, with one of my favorite creators on the internet! Love the 90s? Check out Chadtronic!

True Crime

  • Kendall Rae and Danielle Hallan both offer enough stories of kidnappings, murders, and disappearances to keep you entertained for days. I tend to go light on these because binging them affects my mental health, but they’re good for an afternoon!


  • Allie Glines – I don’t often watch many makeup videos, because the beauty community is a little terrifying, lol, but I find Allie to be sweet, talented, and her recommendations are usually A+. I’ve bought several products on her word and they’ve all been great!

Tabletop Roleplaying

  • CritCrab – RPG horror stories of nightmare players, controlling DMs, and more. Relatable if you’ve ever gotten into tabletop gaming and had a bad group! Need a place to start? Check out The Craig Saga.
  • XP to Level 3 – Down to earth and funny explanations, skits, and how-tos for playing Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Matthew Colville – Ever wanted to DM Dungeons and Dragons? This channel is the ultimate resource.

Theme Parks

  • TPM Vids – Theme park news, Disney Top 10s, and full ride POVs – great if you want to create a virtual Disney experience at home!
  • Defunctland – A fantastic documentary-style channel that goes in depth on the history of theme park rides that have been shut down. Also check out the side series DefunctTV that examines vintage childrens’ television!
  • Disney Dan – All things Disney can be found here! Top 10s, 4 Hour Park Loops, and 360 VR videos for your virtual day at Disney, plus some great Disney history! My favorite are the DIStory looks at the history of character costumes in the parks: check out The Evolution of Winnie The Pooh in Disney Theme Parks here!
  • The Disney Food Blog – YUM! Disney Food Blog takes a look at all the food in Disney parks. Head to this channel to find out about the best restaurants, top snacks, and guides to the park!

Do you have a favorite YouTuber? Who are you watching to pass the time? Let me know in the comments!

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

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