Are you ready for Agent Carter Week??

Last week was Walk Like Peggy Day – a day for fans of Agent Peggy Carter to wear their pride for everyone to see! I was at home on WLPD this year, though, and I wasn’t able to think of anything I wanted to do that quite did it justice. But then I had an epiphany a few days ago – we’re going to have Agent Carter Week here on EmmiJade.com! I’ve got lots of fun things in the works, including hair and makeup tutorials, 1940s themed food, cocktails and coffee, photoshoot locations, an instagram contest, and more!

Agent Carter Week starts on Sunday, April 16th! If you’d like to get notifications when it starts, you can sign up for email updates at the bottom of the pagefollow me on Instagramor follow me on Twitter!

Wanna show your excitement for Agent Carter Week?

  • Take a selfie in AC/Captain America-themed cosplay or merch, and tag it on Instagram or Twitter with #emmijadecarterweek! (You could even tell me about a favorite scene – or act it out if the muse strikes!)
  • Write down what Peggy means to you on a piece of paper, take a selfie with it, and add it to the tag!
  • Comment below with your favorite Agent Carter moment!

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