50 Things About Me

  1. my favorite color is purple, but my favorite color combination is red and gold
  2. unsurprisingly, I am a Gryffindor
  3. I didn’t meet my best friend for the first 3 years of our friendship – we texted and Skyped ever day. I finally got to meet her this summer, and it WAS THE BEST THING. 
  4. my favorite savory food is seafood fettuccini alfredo – particularly with scallops
  5. if left to my own devices I would consume my weight in diet ginger ale
  6. I drink every other soft drink with lime juice – I carry it with me everywhere
  7. I spent several years appearing at conventions as a Doctor Who cosplayer, and have met many members of the cast of Doctor Who. 
  8. my first real fandom was Star Wars, and to date the celebrity I got most excited about meeting was Timothy Zahn
  9. my first YouTube community was the Nerdfighters
  10. I attended Georgia Southern University for Writing and Linguistics for four years, but did not graduate
  11. when I was a wee babby in the 1990s I was obsessed with Darkwing Duck and Ghostwriter
  12. I didn’t see The Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal until I was in my 20s
  13. if I were a Bath and Body Works scent I would be Japanese Cherry Blossom, I never get tired of it omg
  14. weird/paranormal shows are some of my favorite
  15. I collect Funko Pop figurines
  16. I love to cosplay as Marvel’s Agent Carter, and have met many close friends through that community.
  17. At the top of my would-love-to-meet celebrity wishlist is Hayley Atwell! 
  18. I have a little brother, he’s one of my favorite people in the whole world. 
  19. My mom is one of my heroes, she’s so sweet and gracious, a real Southern belle! She studied decorating in school and her house is one of the loveliest, most welcoming places on Earth. I want to be like her. 
  20. I got my love of sci-fi and my sense of humor from my dad! I grew up watching Star Trek with him and he’s absolutely the best  dad a girl could ask for. When I got to meet Sir Patrick Stewart a few years ago, I told him I grew up watching him with my dad, and he told me he was honored to be part of those memories. <3 
  21. My mom always encouraged my love of reading. When I was a kid, she read books to us frequently. The books I remember her reading to us most vividly were The Chronicles of Narnia, though I also loved the tapes she made for me and my brother to fall asleep to of stories like Little Bear and Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel! 
  22. My favorite book is A Swiftly Tilting Planet, the 3rd book in Madeline L’Engle’s Time Quintet. 
  23. My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella – both the animated version and the 2015 live action remake. I saw the latter with my mommy on my birthday! 
  24. I wore a blue dress to my senior prom that I picked out because it looked like Cinderella’s ballgown. 
  25. I’m 5’8′. 
  26. My favorite makeup brand is Besame Cosmetics. 
  27. Favorite chocolate dessert? My grandmother’s chocolate eclair cake. 
  28. Favorite non-chocolate dessert? Toss up between salted caramel Halo Top ice cream and Key Lime Pie 
  29. My teeth are perfectly straight, I never had braces. (But I do have a slight underbite.) 
  30. I’m 31 years old, but I often get mistaken for a high school or early college age girl. (Which means I A L W A Y S get ID’d for EVERYTHING.) 
  31. I absolutely loathe summer, with the exception of beachy vacations. I like sunglasses and swimming, but my skin is so sensitive that I can’t spend ten minutes outside without getting burnt, even with sunscreen, and I spend every second of the hot Southern summer longing for chilly apple cider weather. I do love the ocean, though. 
  32. I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 19. 
  33. I haven’t had a true significant other since I was 19, either. That means an extensive drought, yeesh. 
  34. I haven’t written original fiction in several years, but in the last couple of years my best friend and I have written a Marvel fanfiction story that, with all of it’s offshoots and alternate universes, exceeds the length of Harry Potter.
  35. I have always had to sleep with some kind of noise, be it a television show or a YouTube channel, usually something with voices. I have been trying to wean myself down, by layering rain sounds over it, gradually lowering the volume of the YouTube channel or show. 
  36. When I do choose a YouTube channel to sleep to, I choose one that I want to give retention time to, helping to boost their stats. 
  37. Every year, my grandparents take my extended family of 11 people on a vacation. 
  38. The last time the family went to Orlando, we discovered we had accidentally booked our vacation starting the day that Harry Potter World opened at Universal. My mother (who had had her knee replaced a few months earlier!) declared that I was not going to miss it even though I told her she didn’t have to because the line was long. My sweet mom stood in line with me for nine hours on the opening day of Harry Potter world at Universal. I was in the sun so long that I got sun poisoning, but it was absolutely worth it, and I’ll never forget how amazing it was. When I saw the castle I started to cry with joy. 
  39. I love to travel. I think my favorite city I’ve visited is Chicago. San Diego is a close second.
  40. I cry a lot. 
  41. I hate beer. So much. There is no “just try this one!”. I hate them all. 
  42. I do, however, love sweet white wines. 
  43. And bourbon. 
  44. My other other expensive hobby is video gaming. I love RPGs a LOT. 
  45. My favorite game of all time is a tie between Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Dragon Age: Origins. 
  46. I love thunderstorms. 
  47. I was never a fashion girl, a makeup girl, or a shoes girl until Agent Carter. Now I’m all three and it’s expensive. Help! 
  48. I did martial arts for three years in high school. 
  49. When I worked at a bookstore during a Twilight release, I once had a customer grab me across the counter and shake me when I told them we were out of the book. 
  50. My Nana (my mom’s mom) used to make us chocolate gravy and biscuits for breakfast, it was delicious, and haters can move to the back. 
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