4 Shabby Chic Apartment Finds at Target!

This has been a super weekend filled with friends I don’t get to see very often!

Nerrrrrrrrds. #friends #saturdaynight

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We watched terrible movies (I had somehow managed never to have seen The Room), there were chilled face masks, wine, and we finally all saw Black Panther. It was a great weekend, and I was super sorry to see them go yesterday!

The theme of the weekend was budget. We cooked at home, watched movies we already had, and even our trip to the theater was thanks to the delights of gift cards and MoviePass. There’s something to be said about making food together and then sitting around talking after dinner – the vintage lover in me is already planning more homemade meal-centric gatherings, because we had a blast and it was super easy on the wallet.

I spent a lot of time agonizing beforehand about how my apartment would look for company. I know, theoretically, that my friends wouldn’t care if it looked like a tornado had just blazed through riding a chaos unicorn, but would care. And so in the days before the visit, I spent my spare time looking for inexpensive ways to achieve my dream aesthetic (i.e. pink, green, white, and with a vintage twist) for as little money as possible.

My friends, with the help of Target, I am beginning to live the dream. They aren’t even paying me to say this, I just really love them a lot. 



A couple of years ago I found a book of vintage-styled scrapbook paper with a pink, green, and blue theme, and I fell in love. When I moved here, I knew that I was going to have to be my color palette for the new room. With that in mind, Target became my new best friend, and barring the X-box on the floor, the room of my dreams began to take shape.

I already had this lovely quilt and shams, but I managed to snag some super comfy sheets in light blue. These are just the Target Room Essentials brand, not super pricey, but I have zero complaints sleeping on them.

I found this faux-fur rug! I’d been wanting one for a while (I’m on a faux fur kick, I blame all the pictures of classic Hollywood starlets that I’ve been looking at.) and this one was hiding in the kid’s section. Affordable at $25, adorable, and exactly what I was picturing.

This dusty-pink throw is the stuff of dreams. It’s the softest thing I’ve ever touched. Originally I knew I wanted a throw blanket of some kind in this color, but I was originally envisioning one of those chunky-knit throws. After finding this thing, though, I regret NOTHING. It is the PERFECT thing to snuggle in while playing video games or watching Parks and Rec.

Not too long ago, my roommate took a trip to Ikea and came back with this gorgeous Raskog cart for me. I knew pretty immediately I was gonna use it for a bedside table; my small room needs airy furniture, and I <3 how pretty and vintage it looks. So my bedside table is doing time as an end table in the living room, and I got to design a new bedside table styling!

This faux-jadeite dessert dish is one of my favorite things I found. There are a few things every bedside table needs, but one of the most important is a jewelry dish – it can make the different between messy and neatly organized! Since finding true vintage jadeite is rare and usually costly, I was psyched when I found this at Target for $6! There are plates, too, so I’m definitely going back to grab a few!

I could have spent so much more than I did, ha! If you’re a big fan of the shabby chic/vintage aesthetic, Target actually has a line of home decor specifically called Shabby Chic, but it was a little out of my current price range. There are definitely some sheets and a comforter that I have my eye on, though, and I’ll keep you updated if I ever manage to get my hands on some!

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