100 Things To Do In 2018

It’s 2018 planner time again! I’m working through the Leonie Dawson Shining Year Workbook, and in it you work for several days to create a list of 100 AMAZING things you’d like to happen in 2018. They can be big goals, or little ones, or in between – it’s supposed to be a way to quickly jot down all the neat things that you’d like to happen in the coming year. I actually managed to get done a huge chunk of mine last year (!!) and I can’t wait to get started on them again! Here’s my list of small, and not so-small goals for the coming year.

  1. Learn how to groom perfect eyebrows
  2. Finish Peggy Carter’s dressing gown
  3. Read The Enchanted Forest Chronicles
  4. Attend a local con
  5. Build an armor costume
  6. Write an ebook
  7. Visit Chicago
  8. Make a vintage dress
  9. Open an Etsy Shop
  10. Write a new panel for conventions
  11. Read a book about 1940s fashion
  12. Go swing dancing
  13. Cosplay something from Dragon Age
  14. Give money to the Project for Awesome
  15. Get a new job
  16. Get a new laptop
  17. Get a faux fur rug for my room
  18. Make some art for my room based on The Adventure Zone
  19. Throw a huge vintage-themed Christmas party
  20. Visit a tea room
  21. Host at least one podcast
  22. Set hair in curls once a week
  23. Make $2000 per month from self-employment income
  24. Make use of gym membership
  25. Do a cosplay photoshoot
  26. Do a pinup photoshoot
  27. Wear real flowers in hair
  28. Put together vintage outfits based on the Avengers
  29. Launch FamilyAssembled.com
  30. Throw a listening party for a McElroy podcast
  31. Make keto doughnuts
  32. See a McElroy live show
  33. Buy a Collectif dress
  34. Buy the Royal Vintage Dolores shoes
  35. Make a duvet cover
  36. Buy a vintage lipstick holder
  37. See Dollywood It’s A Wonderful Life show with Mom
  38. Go swing dancing
  39. Make a blanket
  40. Sing something and post it on YouTube
  41. Make a Thrift Shop cosplay
  42. Hang out with friends from home!
  43. Make physical birthday cards (ink and other papercraft!)
  44. Go on a picnic
  45. buy some Family Assembled art
  46. get a massage
  47. have a Lord of the Rings marathon
  48. write a guest post
  49. create a sacred space in my home
  50. make a terrarium
  51. get dressed up and go to the movies
  52. make a bathing suit
  53. make an Easter basket
  54. have an Independence Day cookout, vintage style!
  55. host a cosplay workday
  56. make a Wheel of Mythicality video
  57. draw a comic
  58. read a cozy mystery series
  59. write a cozy mystery
  60. buy a JumboTron message
  61. cook a recipe from The 1940s Experiment
  62. make a keto stuffed crust pizza
  63. make some gloves
  64. do vintage outfits based on YouTube personalities
  65. finish an Instagram challenge
  66. host a giveaway
  67. publish a book on Kindle
  68. Private – (What’s behind this one? YOU’LL NEVER KNOOOOOW.)
  69. Put up pictures of people I love in this room!
  70. Create an AMAZING and productive workspace
  71. Drink more spearmint tea
  72. do a YouTube tag
  73. cosplay the Nerevarine
  74. find a group of supportive lady friends here in Huntsville
  75. make this bedroom super cozy, beautiful, and Instagram-worthy
  76. try yoga
  77. make life + business vision boards
  78. figure out self-photography
  79. make unicorn cookies!
  80. go to an aquarium
  81. put art up!
  82. make a themed playlist on YouTube
  83. make a themed playlist on Spotify
  84. go swimming more!
  85. complete Couch to 5K
  86. acquire a DSLR camera
  87. design and sew a ballgown
  88. take an adult ballet class
  89. send a care package
  90. buy some What Katie Did lingerie
  91. make some silky pajamas
  92. get a manicure/pedicure
  93. find a karaoke bar
  94. go to a play
  95. reread The Looking Glass Wars
  96. take an online film class
  97. take a OneMonth class
  98. take daily vitamins
  99. try a tumeric latte
  100. read The Book of Mythicality

If you’re reading this, that means this post contains affiliate links! That means I posted a link to a thing I think is cool, and if you buy it, I get a small amount of money from the thing. This small amount of money helps me accomplish goals and have continued access to things that are not free. 

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